Creapole SA
Rue de l'Avenir 23
2800 Delémont
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Services / Price

Who can benefit from support of Creapole ?

Any project developer, industrialist, artisan, student, any SME, start-up, spin-off or  person wishing to create their business can contact Creapole and present their project.

There is however a condition for benefiting from the services of Creapole, that is to develop one’s activities or project in the Canton of Jura.

Can I have several meetings ?

You will first be able to present your project to Creapole and we will evaluate the possibility of supporting your idea.

During this preliminary phase, a budget of 4 hours will be allocated to you. It can be split over several meetings according to your need.

We will make a diagnosis that will determine the way in which we can support you.

What do Creapole's services cost ?

In principle, the services you will obtain from Creapole are free of charge, as they are financed by the Republic and Canton of Jura and the Swiss Confederation in the framework of regional policy.

Nevertheless, a financial participation on your part after phase 2 of your support process is possible.

For more information, consult our heading Price.

What are the business creation phases according to the Creapole process ?

The Creapole support process comprises 5 support phases. These different phases enable you to obtain progressively increasing services in function of the complexity and status of your project.

We invite you to take a closer look at our services and the phases of our process.

What is the difference between Creapole and the Economic Promotion of the Canton of Jura ?

Creapole acts as a competence centre, while the Economic Promotion of the Canton of Jura is rather a support body.

They are therefore two structures with different missions.  You can find a summary of the different roles, targets and missions of these two entities in the document attached.