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In the framework of its mission, Creapole is the cantonal branch of different networks :


Logo Platinn

platinn supports start-ups and small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in their business innovation projects. It contributes, accordingly, to their capacity to innovate and to their competitiveness.

Services are provided by a network of accredited coaches. If necessary, they will bring in partners that specialize in areas like intellectual property, finance, technical questions, law, and others.

platinn mainly supports the following innovation vectors :

  • product and service innovation;
  • organizational innovation;
  • the development of distribution systems and
  • research into new markets.

In order to assure that the firm enjoys a lasting positive impact, platinn helps develop resources critical to businesses, establishing partnerships and collaborative relationships.

These skills and services tailored to the needs of SMEs are easily accessible to western Swiss firms thanks to the financial support of the six French-speaking cantons and to the SECO.


Rue de Romont 33
Case postale 1205
1701 Fribourg

Phone + 41 26 347 48 48
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