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Fondation d'impulsion technologique et économique - FITEC


The Société Jurassienne d'Equipement SA (SJE SA) has received the assignment from the Jura cantonal authorities to construct, or support the construction and availability, in each of the districts of the Canton of Jura, of buildings destined to host economic activities, especially those of an innovative nature, and to strengthen their potential.

To this end it can build, acquire, sell or rent properties or premises, and proceed with the necessary fittings.

Based on an innovative public-private partnership, the company focuses on developing construction projects for four business incubators (sites of Le Noirmont, Delémont and Porrentruy).

The promotion as well as the management of the premises will be handled by the sister company, creapole sa, which was created at the same time as the SJE SA.


Fondation d'impulsion technologique et économique - FITEC
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