Creapole SA
Rue de l'Avenir 23
2800 Delémont
T +41 32 544 50 00

Our principles for action

1. The central importance of the project leader

In order to achieve our strategic objectives, we adopt an approach based on a logical framework and position the project leader at the centre of the process.

2. Confidentiality

All relations with Creapole and its partners are based on professional conidentiality. All information communicated as part of a project is treated in confidence and may be subject to confidentiality agreements.

3. Speed

We work with the client to define deadlines and phases in order to implement transparent joint planning adapted to the urgency of the project.

4. Networking

We have developed a broad network of independent experts and consultants who we can call upon to help, if necessary.

5. Team work and multi-disciplinarity

We have a multi-disciplinary team at our disposal, enabling us to develop expertise which incorporates technological, economic, financial and managerial aspects. In this context, we have devised some original methodological tools which enable us to develop the potential of our clients.