Creapole SA
Rue de l'Avenir 23
2800 Delémont
T +41 32 544 50 00

Board of Directors

Yves Rohner

President of Creapole

Doctor of Medicine, ear-nose-throat specialist and neck and facial surgeon registered with the Swiss Medical Association. He was the Chief Medical Doctor in his specialism at the Jura Hospital, and he is the former President of the Swiss Society of Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery, and of cervicofacial surgery for the Swiss Medial Association.

Dr. Yves Rohrer is fully familiar witht the medial environment in the Jura region and in Switzerland, which is Creapole's strategic field.

Martin Pfisterer

Vice president

Former member of the board of general managers of the BKW Group. He holds a Doctorate in Law. He is also the President of Sol-E Suisse, JUVENT, Holzwärme Grindelwald and of Société Mont-Soleil, as well as the former Vice-President of Energie du Jura (EDJ).

Given his extensive knowledge, Mr. Pfisterer will enable Creapole to position itself in the strategic field of cleantech.

He represents the BKW Group, a shareholder of Creapole.

Jean-Marc Christe

He holds a Law Degree and is a lawyer by profession. He is also the President of the Notaries' Council for the Jura region.

Mr. Christe specialises in company law and Creapole will benefit from his expertise and his experience within the field of company governance.

He represents FITEC, a shareholder of Creapole.

Daniel Hubleur

Skilled computer scientist, Director of CD ROM.

Mr. Hubleur participated in the creation of several companies and privatization of the IT department by the association of social insurance funds. He also actively participated in public and community life especially as municipal councilor (7 years) and member of the Cantonal parliament (11 years).

He represents the Société jurassienne d'équipement (SJE SA), a shareholder of Creapole.

Ahmet Muderris

General Manager of Composites Busch SA. He holds a Degree in Engineering awarded by Loughborough University of Technology and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Mr. Muderris liaises with SMEs throughout the Jura region, in particular in the fields of microtechnology, composite materials and medtech. Mr. Muderris has also been appointed as one of the Canton's representatives on the i-net innovation networks.

He is the Jura state representative on the Board of Directors.

Dominique Reber

Consultant and partner at Hirzel, Neef Schmid & Counselors in Bern. He holds a Master's Degree in History and Swiss French studies awarded by the University of Basel as well as an Executive Master of European and International Business Law E.M.B.L.-HSG from the University of St-Gallen. He was the Head of Public Affairs at Swisscom, Communications Director at Sunrise and a member of the Economiesuisse board of management.

Mr. Reber has a vast network of important contacts in Switzerland and is fully familiar with the fields of telecommunications and IT in view of his former positions at Swisscom and eBay.

He is the second Jura state representative on the Board of Directors.

Yann Barth

Deleguate of the board of directors

Degree in economics and social sciences. Director of FITEC.

Mr. Barth, initially director of Creapole from its founding until 2015, shares now his expertise in launching specific projects.

He represents FITEC, a shareholder of Creapole.