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Our Services

Our preliminary Services

Framework Conditions, raising awarness and networking

Those services that precede the project consultancy stage, i.e. activities categorised as the framework conditions, raising awarness and networking, also form part of the tasks assigned to us under our services contract with the Canton of Jura.

Since the company was first established, Creapole has managed and participated in setting up 27 specific projects/assignments, which are all linked to contracts which Creapole has entered into with its partners. This category of services corresponds to the phase -3 of our value chain.

The phases -2 and -1 include the type of work that is involved in raising awarness and networking. On the one hand, Creapole organises seminars and public awarness training on innovation and setting up businesses, and on the other hand, networking events aimed at a more carefully targeted audience depending on the topic of the event.

Our Coaching Services

Step-by-step Development of your project

Creapole can assist you by advising and guiding you through each individual stage of the development of your innovation project or business start-up.

This "step-by-step" support has been designed to meet the specific needs of each entrepreneur by providing assistance from the preliminary analysis stage of your project to subsequent help with obtaining finance, as well as consolidation of your business model.

Preliminary phase Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Phase 4