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Implementation - phase 3

Target client

Client coming from phase 2, provided there is an innovation

Objectives for the client

Prepare their file for funding, and obtain it; receive support for implementing their project with the different partners identified


  • Coordination and/or management of the project
  • Search for and identification of financial or financing partners at specialised bodies
  • Drafting of funding requests to specialised bodies; connection with partners
  • Connection with financial partners
  • Support in preparing a marketing plan
  • Support in seeking qualified staff (university, technolgy institute network)
  • Establishment of a monitoring plan
  • Search for and identification of implementation partners (academics, industralists)
  • Connection with implementation partners (academics, industrialists)
  • Setting-up of development consortiums

Budget allocated per project

To be defined in function of the project


Possible split of costs between the client and Creapole, on the basis of an hourly rate of CHF 150.00.