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Wernicke's Area conference room

Aire de Wernicke

"Wernicke's Area :

It treats words by transforming them into ideas that make sense"

Extract from the Anatomy Guide by Dr. Sarah Brewer (free translation)

With a surface of 100 sq m, this conference room located in the medtech•lab building accommodates up to 50 people seated and 80 people standing.

The room has a projection system, dimming lamps, sound equipment, Wi-Fi connection and a cafeteria with coffee machine and fridge.

The Aire de Wernicke conference room can be reserved using the calendar below. For a detailed offer, please contact our offices, we will be delighted to help you.


Nb. places Space Price Duration
12 places 35 m2 CHF 50.00 4 hours

Booking of the Wernicke's Area room