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The micro•lab space

CEJEF, bâtiment annexe, micro•lab

Inaugurated in 2014 in Porrentruy, the construction of a new building annexing the CEJEF, Technical Division, is now achieved.

In this annexe, a space of 360 sqm, named micro•lab, is dedicated to developers of innovative projects acting in the field of micro-technology.

This space is the property of the Société jurassienne d'équipement SA and was built according the request of Creapole SA.


Division technique
Ecole des métiers et Ecole supérieure technique
Cité des Microtechniques
2900 Porrentruy

More informations

GPS coordinates : N 47 25.070 E 7 05.104
Nearest rail station : Porrentruy
Nearest bus stop : Roche-de-Mars

Pictures of the construction