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For over 10 years, Creapole SA has supported business start-ups in the canton of Jura and the development of improvement and innovation projects within Jura SMEs. Our mission is to support the strengthening and diversification of the regional economic structure by offering tailored support, expertise and coaching to future entrepreneurs and companies.

Over the years and after over a thousand projects in this field, Creapole has built up a proven expertise and methodology that is able to support projects so as to achieve faster implementation and ensure ultimate success.


The centrality of the project owner

In order to achieve our strategic objectives, we proceed according to a skills-based logic, placing the project owner at the center of our approach. Stimulating innovation is the key to modern economic development.


All relations between Creapole and its partners and clients are governed by professional secrecy. All project-related information is treated confidentially, and may be subject to confidentiality agreements.


We work with our customers to define deadlines and phases of project progress, so that planning is transparent and adapted to the project.


We have a vast network of experts and independent consultants that we can call on as needed, thanks in particular to the platinn network.

Teamwork and multidisciplinarity

We have a multi-disciplinary team with expertise in technological, economic, financial and managerial aspects.

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